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Mayday! Mayday! Save our libraries!

Library Workers For A Brighter Future | 25.04.2011 17:36 | Education | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Sheffield

To celebrate International Workers’ Day Library Workers For A Brighter Future and Sheffield Uncut would like to invite you to the opening of the Sheffield Peoples’ Library . The exact location is yet to be confirmed, but we will meet in Cathedral Square at 1pm and proceed to the venue which we will occupy and transform into a library.

Bring a book, sit down and read. In honour of Mayday, the theme is ‘Trade Unions and workers rights’, so if you don’t already have something to read on that subject, get down to your library and see what they’ve got in stock.

Who? Library Workers For A Brighter Future and Sheffield Uncut and you

Where? Meet in Cathedral Square to go on to a high street venue to be announced on the day

When? 1pm-3pm, Saturday 30th April

What? Create the Sheffield Peoples’ Library! For one lunchtime we will create a library, complete with Storytime, reference service and real librarians!

Why? Because our libraries and public services, and the livelihoods of those who work in them, are under threat while billions of pounds, enough to clear the deficit and then some, is lost to tax avoidance by multi-national companies or handed out to save banks from their own ineptitude and corruption.

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