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English Defence League Major Security Breach

AnonBham | 23.04.2011 23:53 | Flotilla to Gaza | Iraq | Palestine | Terror War | Birmingham | World

A data breach has been noticed in the English Defence League organisation. Major details of the organisation's leaders and members have been revealed.

*We kindly request News and Media organisations to reference this Indy Media article if they intend to use the information provided.

Screenshot of the Zine (Doesn't include any details)
Screenshot of the Zine (Doesn't include any details)

We have seen the EDL being attacked by professional computer security experts in the past many times. This time, it is more than ever.

'Hackers' have leaked several details of English Defence League's leadership. A 'zine' which is also known an 'archive' or 'resource' has been released by the notorious security organisation 'TeaMp0isoN' which they them selves have entitled 'EDL Leadership Exposed'.

The Zine also contains past convictions of EDL Leadership. Jenna Anne Vowles has been exposed as an Class A drug substances dealers (cocaine). The zine contains details of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (EDL Founder) and several other leaders including Gurmait Singh, Kevin Caroll, Reobeerta Moore and Mel Elliot (EDL Spokesperson).

The Zine also exposes infamous Stephen as a 'Money Launderer'.

Contents of the Zine:

01. Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (EDL Leader) Exposed
02. Guramit Singh (Leadership) Exposed
03. Kevin Carroll (Leadership) Exposed
04. Robeerta Moore (EDL Spokesperson) Exposed
05. Mel Elliott (EDL Spokesperson) Exposed
06. EDL Website & Forum Staff Exposed
07. EDL Forum & website Users & passwords Leaked
08. Final Comments
09. Extras (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon Exposure)

Forum user names, passwords, IP Addresses and email addresses have also been leaked as well as security comprising details such as Leadership Home Addresses, Phone Numbers, family member's names and business addresses.

Here are the links to what was revealed:

*I am not part of the 'TeaMp0isoN. I simply like to write articles as a hobby as I hope to pursue a career in Journalism.



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