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Israeli terrorism - Good Friday history lesson from Peter Reilly

BCfm Friday Drivetime | 22.04.2011 21:22 | University Occupations for Gaza | Analysis | Anti-racism | Palestine | World

20 minute interview with Peter Reilly who was born in Heifa, Palestine/Israel.

22nd April 2011 - mp3 2.9M

22nd April 2011 - mp3 2.9M

MI5 files: Zionist terrorist plotted to kill Winston Churchill
A Zionist terrorist planned to assassinate Winston Churchill in order to secure a Jewish state, MI5 records show.
The plan was so the Nazi party could, in time, reappear in a suitable disguise and build up a fourth Reich Photo: AP
By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent 8:04PM BST 03 Apr 2011
Eliyahu Bet-Zuri suggested sending agents of the Stern Gang, a terrorist group dedicated to forcing the British out of Palestine, to London to kill the prime minister.
MI5 was concerned that Jewish extremists might try to assassinate other leading British politicians, in particular the post-war foreign secretary Ernest Bevin, files released to the National Archives reveal.

BCfm Friday Drivetime
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