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Climate Renegades at the Festivals: We need YOU to get involved!

Climate Renegades | 19.04.2011 13:19 | Climate Chaos

This summer the Climate Renegades will tour the country to support grass-root and community struggles, both embryonic and established, based upon local needs and wishes. Climate Renegades are a roaming collective of experienced environmental activists with skills to share. We will be holding events that raise awareness of the need for action on climate justice, enable independence from a constricting economic system, and empower communities under threat.

We are also setting up smaller events at festivals. These spaces will create a place of collective creativity and free expression, will promote direct action as a viable tactic for inspiring radical change, will promote ourselves and the events we are running up and down the county and will act as space for a free exchange of skills, knowledge and ideas. We will run workshops covering everything from how to build a bender to direct action training. In the evenings we will show films, put on acoustic music and at some point hold a poetry slam.

Climate Renegades is one of a few projects that came out of the Camp for Climate Action’s Space for Change gathering. Even though Climate Camp isn’t holding a national camp this year, we seek to continue the energy and momentum of the CC movement by holding numerous, smaller events instead of one massive one this summer.

Are you capable of serenading the beautiful festival goers with sublime, intoxicating music ? Or perhaps you work in the visual and can help create a dreamy, dynamic and inspiring space from which we can spread our radical message? Maybe you have the musical dexterity of a dead badger and the artistic reflexes of David Cameron, but know a certain talented individual who could help us out? If you are an artist or musician (maybe both) who gets involved, then there will be free tickets on offer for your much appreciated assistance!

We are also looking for people to run direct action Workshops – the more radical and physical the better! We really want to put on something hardline and cutting edge for the festival peeps. If you can serve this up then, yes, there will be a free ticket in the works for you also!

Got any more ideas about what you could put on to make the Climate Renegades travelling road show unique and hard-hitting? Then feel free to contact us about them! You never know, if we like what we hear, then tickets may well be winging their way to you as well …

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Stay safe, stay sound, keep resisting!

Climate Renegades
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