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Shell HQ gets attacked

Painters of Solidarity | 15.04.2011 12:45 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Sheffield

Just before midnight on Monday night some angry souls with paint descended upon the Shell offices at Duckmaster near Bolsover (not far from Chesterfield), They proceeded to paint the doors and windows in red and black, with a hint of green for good measure.

This action was carried out as small gesture of love and solidarity with those fighting against Shell in County Mayo Ireland.

This was done with rage against Shell, one of many multi-nationals who continue to rape and pillage the planet in the name of profit.

This was done because we are anarchists who are in love with this planet, and willing to strike wherever and whenever we see fit in order to defend it from coporate greed.

We know this action alone will not stop Shell, but it is a manifestation of desires to see harm done to those who destroy the planet and every living creature on it. We will continue, we will build and develop skills, we will strike again.

We encourage others to express their desires for the defense of the earth, and those with similar inclinations to take action against Shell and all other multi-nationals throughout the summer.

Painters of Solidarity


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  1. Shell is about shells as Atomic power is about life. — Honest john
  2. nice one — rossporter