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Shells road torn up!!

Rossport Solidarity Camp | 03.04.2011 10:45 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Globalisation | World

The 2nd National Day of Action against Shell in Rossport, Ireland involved part of Shells bog mat road being removed and rolled away.

Shell's bogmat compound
Shell's bogmat compound

Around 2pm yesterday a group of about 15 activists entered Shell's work area and began overturning the bogmats by hand. The bogmat track is designed to prevent work vehicles sinking into bogland .
The Bogmats were set up over the last 4 days to be used to aid Shell vehicles.

This will delay the attempt by Shell to start work on the pipeline. Every time this is done to the bogmat track they can only make repairs by retreading their path.

As there are currently two legal challenges in the High Court on the An Bord Pleanala decision to grant permission for the pipeline, we believe no work should be taking place. Protests and interventions will continue every day from now on, come up & support!
The Rossport Solidarity Camp will be running a direct action training this weekend, Saturday 9th- Sunday 10th April, email or text 085 114 1170

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