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Stapleford Community Farm

aaaa | 03.04.2011 00:54 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Free Spaces | Sheffield

This coming weekend we are gathering on the land at Field Farm, Stapleford, Notts to discuss setting up a community here this spring. Acoustic music and food on the friday night, and a chance to check out the site and local area.


This coming weekend we are gathering on the land at Field Farm, Stapleford, Notts to discuss setting up a sustainable community here this spring. Acoustic music and food on the friday night, and a chance to check out the site and local area.

Bring seeds and matierals to prepare the site for when we are ready to move in permanently

Although we are gathering on the friday we will be camped on site after wednesday so feel free to pop up then

We found out about this place after this message from a local:

Gareth Whitedog 20 March at 18:43 Report
Hope you are well.
Thought we'd give you a heads-up about a nice opportunity...

There's an old empty farmhouse behind where we live, in a couple of fields, which have been left fallow for ten years or so, and have become a bit of a wildlife haven, and even host a couple of endangered species, we think.
The owners of the land intend to build on it, and current Tory plans will make it even easier for them to do so. Nobody in the village wants that.
It occurs to us that if the farmhouse were to be squatted by some community minded people, who put it to good use, then it would make it somewhat more difficult for the building to happen, and would also give good scope for a high-profile campaign, where the media is concerned. You know, "Big-hearted eco-warriors in face-off with evil developers trying to destroy nature reserve..."

We feel pretty sure that if anyone were to do this, and they did it right, then they would probably get quite a bit of support from the local community, and they could certainly count on support from us, some of the closest neighbours.


Here's a Google maps link to the place:

Let us know what you think.

Gareth & Sue
Google Maps
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Google Maps
View maps and find local businesses on the web.

Travel from Sheffield involves a train to langley mill followed by a bus to outside the entrance road.

Also Buses from derby and local area to Stapleford.

There is also much other devolopment planned for this area including devolopment of Trowell Moor for open cast mining so this area is under a lot of threat.

A link to a news report about Field Farm is here

Photos also follow for information on finding the site, please spread this about!

Phone calls can be made on 07849449532 after Wednesday





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other strategies to counter developer apart from occupation

03.04.2011 11:31

Great Opportunity!

Re: the development proposal, if it is a planning application (which it would need to be obviously), locals could mitigate a developers' plans even prior to the submitting of the planning application through prior consultation through lobbying for their preferred development criteria on the Supplementary Planning Guidance on the site - this is touch and go, but if enough community interest could be sparked up over it such as in a local public meeting, then councilors may feel obliged to review the Supplementary Planning Guidance on the site ( and in future local consultation is intended to be more greatly provided for under the Localism Bill which is not currently law). Most importantly, however, notwithstanding all of the above is the fact that if it is greenbelt, it is unlikely the farm would be 'developed on' at-all - so you would only be talking about the farmhouse or all 'brownfield' footprint areas, which is probably what you meant.

Check with Simon Fairlie at Chapter-7 on: 01297 561359


How to get here?

03.04.2011 14:17

Below is link to direction images


Sounds good

03.04.2011 15:09

There has been plenty of greenbelt building in that area over the past 30 odd years - they just redraw the belt-lines. Toton sidings used to be one of the biggest train sidings in Europe (plenty of jobs gone there ) and the farmland next to it used to be cornfields ( which was changed to brownbelt ) but is now yuppie commuter housing ( funnily enough - when this greenbelt housing was to expand the nimby yuppies protested thou the housing being there wasn't popular in the first place. The local shops have nearly all closed down with a lot of help from the local masses of corporate superstores and the main community hubs / meeting points / lifelines , which was a pub, got knocked down to cram in more housing.I am sure there are plenty of empties around. but hey that is the bullshit of economic growth and property development aka land grabbing. Most of the small light industrial business have been re[placed by mc-drive-throughs etc. so it looks like more billeting around a city where ConDemLab have been manging to destroy through 'regeneration', 'community' social projects etc. Family used to have a farm in that area - banks got it during the 'depression' which was handy as we could then all work in factories....


field farm development

03.12.2011 09:55

You guys really need to come and do this. Now more than ever. Westerman builders want to build a minimum 450 homes on our green belt. It wouldn't stop there. The next thing you know the homes would go right up across all the fields. We need to stop this and stop this now. Our local councillors are not listening to us. They are misleading the community. We need as much help as possible as a community we do not want this build to go ahead.

richard macrae
mail e-mail:

occupy field farm, what a great idea.

18.01.2012 18:31

Having attended the meeting on Saturday 14th in Stapleford I think this should also be thought about and made to happen.

All the people who attended on Satturday would be more than willing to supply food and fresh water as you occupy the Farm House.

Feel free to email me and we can talk about this further and we can do this if we all work as one.


Sarah Price
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we need your help now more than ever

27.04.2012 08:40

there is a few meetings coming up with regards building on field farm and we need people to attend both meetings to help us protest.

Stapleford and Trowell Rural Action Group are obviously very disappointed
Fields Farm remains in the Broxtowe Borough Council papers proposals to
build housing. We recognise Stapleford Centre requires development, but
this should not be at the expense of one area of the Community, and the
Council is wrong in assuming any development in North Stapleford will
increase footfall in Stapleford.

We strongly urge EVERYONE to contact their local Broxtowe Borough Councillor
with their views on this subject, and if you are able to, please attend the
Council Meetings to protest and register your support for Fields Farm to
remain GREENBELT as follows:

· Cabinet Meeting: 1st May 2012 at 6 pm in New Council Chamber,
Town Hall Beeston, Nottingham · FULL Council Meeting - which should
be attended by ALL Councillors to debate and agree their policy at 7 pm on
16 May 2012 in New Council Chamber, Town Hall Beeston, Nottingham

I would also like to advise you that MOST of your elected Broxtowe Borough
Councillors are of the view Fields Farm should be built on, despite their
protests at our Public Meeting in January claiming we (and our leaflets)
were lying (their words, not ours). WE DISAGREE WITH THEIR OPINIONS, they
were voted in on a mandate to protect Fields Farm and represent their
electorate, and it's about time they listened to us and REPRESENTED US -
not their personal, incorrect views.

Richard MacRae
mail e-mail:
- Homepage:!/groups/StaplefordCommunityGroup