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Shell’s work suspended by Day of Action

Rossport Solidarity Camp | 02.04.2011 10:01 | Rossport Solidarity

This morning Shell’s work in Co. Mayo was suspended completely due to a Day of Action.

Security remained to guard a small area of the site where machinery had been put away for the day. Supporters and members of the local community entered the Shell site at 10.30am and did a walk over the area which Shell have been working since Tuesday. Shell have laid one main track way for vehicle transport over the bog, using two diggers to lay the bog mats from their initial site cabins and fences at the road, across the site and down to the banks of the estuary. To protect machinery and security cabins Shell have erected two rows of harris fencing set in small concrete blocks. The rest of the site is not yet secured.
More campaigners are expected to arrive this evening for the second day of action tomorrow. From today's Day of Action onwards campaigners from around the country are asked to come up as soon as possible. Now is the best time to stop Shell’s destructive work, please come to Aughoose and support the campaign now and over the coming weeks. Accommodation and food provided, donations welcome. Email or text 0851141170 for details.

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