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An understanding of cognitive dissonance

Confused us | 02.04.2011 00:00

A brief understanding of the social struggles that lie ahead and the people of the fight

I'm not afraid to admit it is something I have apparently suffered with for most of my life. Not that I ever new knew it. I'll have to admit, again, it is an expression that I have only recently come across and once upon coming across it, I naturally had to learn more. Once there, it wasn’t anything I hadn't known before, just some words that somebody else knew, the reality unchanged.

I learnt from a young age that I agreed with both sides on many an argument. How could this be? Simple usually, both are right, its the argument that's wrong in the first place.

So whose the fool? The man without the understanding of the spoken, the man who stands back and thinks and acknowledges there are two sides, the man who saves his fight for the right moment. Not that I knew, well kind of, it was probably those two words and their descriptive understanding that aided my turn around the corner, but definitively, no, my path was always clear. I had already accepted the reality of the meaning.

Then again I have always credited myself as being an open minded person, a man of the world if you like, generally accredited with being the wise man before his time whilst being aware of the knowledge that lay ahead. Many mistakes were made but not in vain.

And there I was, an age before me, so much passion, so much fight, yet still, no where to stand. A decision was made there and then, if it isn't outright then it isn't condemned, and I shall save it for another day and talk some more, sometime.

So here I am left this day with only one fight and one fight I shall stand, it is nuclear that is wrong with this world and nuclear I shall fight.

Confused us


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