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Japan: Triple Meltdown

Radio Ecoshock | 30.03.2011 21:50 | Ecology | Energy Crisis | Sheffield

Confirmation that 3 reactors damaged, melting down in Japan. Civil defense info to protect yourself. Plus investigation into California reactor built on quake zone. Remember, a nuke accident anywhere in the world can arrive where you live.

Even Japanese authorities admit the protective containment vessels of 3 reactors at Fukushima Dai-ichi are "punctured". Reactor 2 likely cracked, leaking hot fuel down to concrete basement. Situation out of control.

Highly radioactive water pouring into the Pacific Ocean. Radioactivity in the soil and food more than 100 miles from the site.

Includes info on radioactive iodine, safety for breastfeeding & pregnancy, what veggies may be safe.

Plutonium released. Cesium will keep large parts of Japan uninhabitable, like Chernobyl, for at least 30 years. Japan may be split into South and North.

Japanese container ship turned away from China. Many shipping lines, some airlines fear contamination. Some companies leaving Tokyo for Osaka. Big impact expected on the world economy.

Japan's hospital system is not ready. People from Fukushima being turned away.

In second half, we examine exactly how this could happen in America. The Diablo Canyon reactors were built on a known fault zone. The NRC doesn't care, the company refuses to prepare an earthquake disaster plan. They are loaded with poorly protected spent fuel as well. And they want to run for another 20 years.

Long-time activist Rochelle Becker fills us in. Berkeley U lawyer and clean tech specialist Steven Weissman shows there is money to decommission these dangerous California reactors, and clean tech to replace that power.

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