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'What ever happened to the Zapatistas?' Tues. 29th Mar. Glasgow

Martin O'Neill | 21.03.2011 21:28 | Zapatista

7.30pm Tuesday 29th March
@ The Free Hetherington
The Glasgow University Occupation
13 University Gardens
Just off University Avenue,
Glasgow University Campus

In Chiapas Mexico, the Zapatistas rose up against the North American Free Trade Agreement on January 1st 1994. From 2003 they have concentrated on developing their own self-government that includes autonomous education and health services. These advances for indigenous people have been particularly hampered in the last two years by paramilitary attacks linked to the expansion of corporate tourism in Chiapas. This talk will focus on the successful resistance to these attacks by the Zapatista communities.

Followed by a Q&A with members of Edinburgh and Glasgow Chiapas Solidarity Groups.

There will also be a merchandise stall downstairs in the Free Hetherington from 6.30pm. The money from the stall goes to health clinics and schools run by Zapatista communities in the Highlands of Chiapas.

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