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Lockheed Martin revealed as UK Census Sponsors: Protests Planned

Alexander | 19.03.2011 11:58 | Analysis | Anti-militarism

The world's second largest defence company are helping to run this year's census: will you participate?

Lockheed Martin, the world's second largest defence company, have been awarded a "£150m contract to help run the census".
As the census is nominally compulsory many feel that the arms giant's involvement with the running of the census is tantamount to the government coercing UK residents into supporting the company and the controversial billion-dollar industry which they represent.
"Count Me Out" s a group which has been set up to facilitate non-involvement or protest against the census for those who do not wish to be a part of the government's support for Lockheed Martin.
For more information, and to decide what you are going to do when 27th March, census collection day, comes around, visit
Reference: Guardian, "Lockheed Martin Targeted by Census Protesters", 18/3/11



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