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Faslane peace camp grand re-opening

FASLANE PEACE CAMP | 18.03.2011 10:09 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts | World

Faslane peace camp back on the map the year of the grand re-opening

After several years of the peace camp maintaining not much more than just a token presence we have decided to start a drive towards bringing it back to life in time for the 30th anniversary next june. We started by contacting friends of the peace camp to see how it would go down. We have since had several small events just with friends and associates starting with communal rebuilding on 1st jan and several clean up day's .The momentum of progress has been steady and greater than expected and we are now busy and active once more and ready for our first public event. The spring greening weekend on April 8 - 10. This should keep the ball rolling and further alarm the mod. Thats right we are back in a position where the mod and the police are feeling threatened. The mod police are extremely agitated and are attempting to monitor us and increase surveilance and intelligence gathering on us and also the police have taken to questioning any activists they nick anywhere in scotland if their involved with the peace camp, have ever helped at the peace camp or know anything of the grand re-opening. so now is the time to get involved or re-involved and with the current regime of cuts it is even more important than ever to challenge the cost of trident.



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  1. Awesome - background info please! — greg
  2. Good Luck — An Ex Peace Camper
  3. background info — just use scroogle