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Squatting to be criminalised

alan | 18.03.2011 09:56 | Free Spaces | Repression | Birmingham | South Coast

It's been coming, it was in their manifesto, but it appears that the tories are now acting on their promise to criminalise squatting. We need to plan for this early, squatting has been destroyed in other countries across Europe recently by swift gov/cop action. But we have the infrastructure to make them regret picking this fight. Time to start planning.



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Better link for this source

18.03.2011 20:58

The link up there is for a Daily Mail article, not exactly the most informed or balanced people to listen to on the subject of squatting, but that's a different issue entirely.

Can I recommend not linking directly to the Daily Mail, as it only serves to generate them more money through their advertisers - use Istyotsy instead which acts as a proxy, caching DM articles and stripping them of the advertising for these reasons.

This is a link to the story quoted above: