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Nuclear Radiation Illegal Dumping Around the World Makes Meat, Fish, Dairy Poiso

Nuclear Toxicity Report | 17.03.2011 18:19 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Ocean Defence | South Coast | World

Where have NATO, Japanese, French, Chinese, Ukrainian, Canadian, US, UK, Australian, Indian, Russian nuclear waste been stored?

A criminal muzzling of reporting on illegal dumping of nuclear waste in the world's seas has been
ongoing. Radiation builds up in fishes' flesh at rates of 1000 to 1 million times its presence in the

[b]Somalia:[/b] Destruction of Somalian fishing by nuclear waste has turned fishermen
into pirates
[b]Mediterranean as a nuclear dump[/b]
[b]Japan:[/b] Panic grips Tokyo as radiation levels rise
[b]China[/b] uses Tibet as radioactive waste dumpsite
[b]Canada:[/b] New Brunswick organizes against becoming a nuclear dump site
[b]Italy:[/b] Puglia and Adriatic: NATO drastically harmed the Adriatic as generals dumped radioactive material into its waters.
[b]Ukraine:[/b] Toxic buildup problems
[b]Argentine Navy [/b]heads off toxic British vessel containing nuclear waste
[b]UK [/b]proposed landfills as nuclear waste sites
[b]India: [/b]The tsunami of a few years ago flooded a Madras nuclear power
[b]Mexico[/b] objects to Texas arrogance in putting waste dump on border
[b]Pakistan:[/b] Nuclear Waste a taboo subject in Pakistan
[b]Australian [/b]MP's pass nuclear dump bill... consider Northern Territories
as victim
[b]Brazil:[/b] hazards of uranium mining and milling as well as nuclear
[b]Turkey and Indonesia:[/b] Environmental Groups Call On these countries
as well as India, US and China to abandon new nuclear plants.
[b]US:[/b] Where is nuclear submarine waste dumped?
[b]US:[/b] Texas: Texas Commission sacrifices citizens of its state making
Texas site for 36 states' nuclear waste... turning Texas meat also
into toxic dump sites.
[b]US:[/b] Nevada residents continue to fight against turning Yucca Mountain
and their state into a nuclear dump site.
[b]US:[/b] New York sues Nuclear Regulatory Commission over plan to turn Indian Point into nuclear waste dumpsite
[b]France:[/b] Jacques Cousteau fought all his life against French
nuclear waste dumping. 20

[i][b]31 countries with nuclear power plants[/b][/i] The US is the largest
nuclear toxin generator. France and Japan are the largest per capita.
Argentina Armenia Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada China Czechoslovakia Croatia Finland France Germany Hungary India Japan Mexico Netherlands Pakistan Romania Russia Slovakia Slovenia
South Africa South Korean Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Ukraine United Kingdom United

[b]II Underground and Unreported Above Ground Testing of Nuclear Weapons[/b]
is adding to generation of new earthquakes, radiation pollution levels,
and destruction of creatures.

[b]III Depleted Uranium[/b]
Depleted Uranium in USG war zones. Baghdad has been reported with 81 times the level of depleted uranium

[b]IV Global Heating[/b]
Criminally underreported has been the nuclear plant industry as a cause of global heating (and its
converse global freezing.)

One can watch the constant creation of clouds around nuclear plants as they heat the air with steam.
Invisible is the vast amount of very hot water being dumped into the seas, lakes and rivers.

[b]V Nuclear Accidents:[/b]
Also underreported has been the flooding of a Madras India nuclear power plant in the tsunami of a few
years ago. Most know of Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and the recent explosions at some of Japan's 6
northernmost nuclear power plants. How many know of other nuclear plants on earthquake fault lines,
or of boric acid leaks at the Davis Besse plant in Sandusky. Lake Erie is ringed with nuclear
power installations in Toronto, Michigan and Ohio.

[b]VI Carcinogenic Radiation Saturated Mammal, Poultry, Fish Flesh and Dairy
products result from the nuclear industry's normal waste and
accident generated meltdowns.[/b]
There has been a criminal silence on the part of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and EPA, a dereliction of duty regarding warning
the public through public service announcements. Protection from nuclear waste buildup in foods is possible through avoiding animal products, making a high percent of daily intake uncooked fruits and vegetables and supplementing with
Vitamin C daily.

Esophageal, laryngeal, and other throat cancers are on the rise from
fish flesh radiation. Japan for years has led the world in stomach
cancers from high fish consumption.

[b]VII Other Radiation Sources[/b]

Besides the 31 countries with nuclear power plants
A Uranium mining in Brazil and worldwide

B The cancer industry's cut burn and poison 'therapies' (surgery
radiation and chemotherapy) besides poisoning individuals with
radiation cause toxins to build up in the environment.

C Xrays are a source of radiation. Hospital and doctor's office machines
have many breakdowns and leaks.

D The Food and Drug Administration is subjecting animal flesh to
irradiation to kill some of the many contaminants in cadaver food. But
it is creating lethal hazards in so doing.

Disinformation from the USDA re irradiated foods: Helen Caldicott, MD of Australia, world renowned antinuclear activist.

Nuclear Toxicity Report