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SUN.M20.2pm *U.S.Embassy*Free Bradley Manning"-B.Kent,P.Tatchell,B.Griffin & Us!

In Solidarity with Bradley Manning | 16.03.2011 08:00 | Terror War | South Coast

To demand the end of the torture of Bradley Manning in Quantico U.S. Marine Base, Virginia USA. Although 23 year old Bradley Manning is a U.S. Army intelligence officer he is being held without explanation in the largest U.S. Marine Base in the world! Bradley is being held, in effect, in isolation and sensory deprivation, his conditions are tortureous.

Techniques finetuned at Long Kesh, Abu Ghraib and Guatanamo have been unleashed on what U.S. authoriteis see as a nonviolent dissident within the U.S. war machine.

U.S. anti-war and human rights activists, lawyers, military veterans and the former commander of Quantico are heading down to Quantico this Sunday March 20 to demand justice for Bradley Manning. Others of us around the world will go on Sunday March 20 to U.S. embassies and sites of siginifiance in the U.S. wars on Iraq and Afghanistan and do like wise. Consider joining us or initiating your own activity for Bradley Manning on Sunday March 20.
Youtube - Previous Jan. 17 demonstration for Bradley at Quantico

Bradley has been accused of leaking, to WikiLeaks, footage of a U.S. helicopter gunship massacre in Iraq of 2 Reuters journalists, 9 Iraqi civilians and wounding the children in a vehicle that detoured from the "school run" to tend to the wounded and the dead. Those who carried out this massacre hve not been brought to account, the U.S. government wished to "shoot the messenger".

We refuse to accept this. We hope you to do too? Show viisible solidarity with Bradley Manning this Sunday March 20. If not with us at the U.S. embassy at 2pm - in your own community, speak out at church, stand in your city centre demand Justice for Bradley Manning!

Sunday March 20th. 2 pm

outside the U.S. Embassy, Gorsvenor Square, London
Closest tube: Bond St.

HIgh School Kidz from Brad's Welsh Village

Bruce Kent - Long time British Peace Activist and Organiser.

Ben Griffin
SAS Iraq Combat Veteran, Reusenik when he refused a 2nd tour deouncing the war, gagged from speaking of his experiences by the M.O.D./ High Court.

Peter Thatchell
Long Time Human Rights Activist

MC'd by Ciaron O'Reilly - former anti-war prisoner of the United States/ Disarmament of U.S. B52 Bomber

*Open Mike for (3 min) statements. Meet and discuss, following speeches, with other activists how we are going to free Bradley Manning and end the war!.

More info Ph. Ciaron 079 392 90576
Email ciaron AT

In Solidarity with Bradley Manning
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INterivew withe Manning Visitor, Manning Father Denounce treatment, Docs accused

16.03.2011 15:16

'You can hear Bradley Manning coming because of the chains'

US soldier Bradley Manning is being held in inhuman conditions in military prison, accused of passing secrets to WikiLeaks. Every other week his friend from Boston goes to visit him. David Leigh reports

Bradley Manning's father speaks out over Pentagon's treatment of his son
'You've crossed a line. This is wrong,' says Brian Manning, comparing his son's treatment to those in Guantánam

Bradley Manning's military doctors accused over treatment
WikiLeaks suspect treated cruelly, says rights group, which accuses psychiatrists of 'violating ethical duties'

from Guarian Wed March 16

LCW April 17th flyer "Free Bradley Manning: End the War!" event- DOWNLOAD/circul

17.03.2011 17:17

2 p.m.. Sunday April 17th.

Gareth Peirce
"Dispatches fom the Dark Side: Refections on Torture and the Death of Justice"

Also anti-war speakers and performers from Iraq, Afghanistan, U.S., Britain, Australia, New Zealand and others

WHERE- Giuseppe Conlon Hall, 49 Mattison Rd. Harringey, London N4 1BG
2pm Start to gather for music and snacks in the Hall of Giueppe Conlon Centre
3pm Public Meeting Speakers and Artists in the Venue of Giuseppe Conlon Centre
5 pm Party and social back in the Hall of Giuseppe Conlon Centre
7pm Party's over!
(*BYO Drinx & some food to share, off licences & shops nearby

Flyer Side 1

Flyer Side 2

Above flyer can be downloaded
from there in various sizes:

Open picture, click 'actions' above picture, then 'view all sizes' to
download size of choice.

- Homepage:

Vigil for Bradley Manning in Wrexham

20.03.2011 08:25

There will also be a vigil in Wrexham, North Wales on March 20th,
Noon for 12.15pm in Queen's Square.

The nuclear disaster in Japan, the Iraq War, the fate of Libya and the plight of Bradley Manning are all inextricably linked in the web of deceit and folly that characterises modern warfare.


FOR THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN facing nuclear catastrophe
FOR THE PEOPLE OF IRAQ on this 8th anniversary of the invasion and occupation of their country
FOR THE PEOPLE OF LIBYA now facing a similar fate
FOR BRADLEY MANNING accused of speaking out against war crimes and of exposing the dark truth about international relations

More information:

We are holding this vigil for:

* the people of Japan, who are facing nuclear catastrophe on top of the earthquake and tsunami they have already suffered
* the people of Iraq on this 8th anniversary of the disastrous invasion and occupation of their country which has led to over a million unnecessary deaths and the poisoning of their land forever with radioactive weaponry
* the people of Libya, now facing a similar fate with western military intervention that will only lead to more suffering and bloodshed
* Bradley Manning, who is accused of blowing the whistle on war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, held under conditions of torture and facing a possible death penalty while those who perpetrated the crimes he is accused of exposing go free.

The disaster that has befallen the nuclear installation at Fukushima, putting the people of Japan and beyond at deadly peril from radioactive contamination, could just as easily have happened at any water cooled nuclear power plant, irrespective of tsunami and earthquake. Nuclear power only provides about 4% of our total energy needs in Britain; we are already spending many billions of pounds dealing with existing nuclear waste, for which there is no safe means of disposal; there is no reliable mechanism worldwide for ensuring that the Plutonium produced by these plants doesn’t get diverted into military use, the very reason nuclear power plants were first developed with power generation merely a useful by-product. Each nuclear power station is a disaster waiting to happen, wherever it is. We don’t need any more of them. The British government must abandon its plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations and decommission the ones we already have.

This weekend is the 8th anniversary of the US and UK-led invasion of Iraq, that has caused so much suffering… for the Iraqi people, over a million of whom have lost their lives, for the young soldiers killed, maimed or traumatised by the conflict and for their families. Depleted Uranium, a radioactive by-product of the nuclear power industry with a half-life of billions of years has been used in weapons deployed in Iraq and has poisoned the land forever.

We are now on the brink of military action in Libya. A ‘no fly’ zone and air strikes will not bring peace to Libya any more than they did to Iraq. The Libyan people’s struggle will not be aided by western military action. We cannot allow another war to happen.

Bradley Manning, the young US soldier with Welsh connections, has been held in solitary confinement in conditions which amount to torture, accused of blowing the whistle on war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and suspected of leaking hundreds of thousands of US diplomatic cables that expose the dark underside of international relations. Documents recently released by WikiLeaks showing existing concerns about the safety of Japan’s nuclear power plants come from this batch of cables.

While campaigning for the Presidency, Barack Obama said – but now seems to have forgotten – 'Government whistleblowers are part of a healthy democracy and must be protected from reprisal.'

Join us in calling for charges to be dropped against Bradley Manning and for his immediate release. Please write a short message of solidarity to Bradley Manning. We will send these to his supporters who will forward them to him in jail. Solidarity with political prisoners is vital and we believe Bradley Manning will be strengthened by knowing that people in Wales support him and are calling for his release.