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EDO/ITT Brighton gets paint splatter makeover

True Grit | 15.03.2011 15:20 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | South Coast

EDO/ITT defence company in Brighton gets paint splatter makeover in solidarity with Middle East and North Africa uprisings.

The EDO/ITT Brighton branch on Home Farm road got a visit on Sunday night (13th March) at approximately 11pm from some black clad pixies that were armed with paint bombs. The action was in solidarity with the wave of uprisings and protests that has struck the Arab World as well as the continued unethical practises of the EDO/ITT corporation.

True Grit


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Well done

15.03.2011 17:23


Gok Wan

more is less

16.03.2011 12:29

you think this will stop them?

or even gain mainstream media attention?

get in there and break up this factory of death and destruction

public awareness