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New Ecovillage, food forest, Gloucestershire

DeneForester | 13.03.2011 15:35 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Globalisation

A new eco-village will soon be started, this year, near Gloucestershire. The group plans to establish a network of productive community gardens, food forests, log cabins, eco-buildings and occupied spaces in which people can enjoy the food and relax after a day of gardening, or swimming in the river. The group remains to be named, and is rather elusive, only an email address and an invitation to a face-to-face meeting in gloucester or cheltenham, to be arranged in the near future has been given. The group is calling for interested parties to contact them.

From the group...

"Anyone interested in being part of a new eco-village, near gloucestershire, from its beginning. This year is the year, the ball is already in motion, get in touch soon!, via email, or relpy on here with your email address...

Mine is admin [at]

This is going to happen soon, we've been preparing for it for some time, scouting land and arranging free/ cheap resource sources from the local area.

We have many a cunning plan to ensure the longevity and stability of the project.

We intend to occupy some land, something like a disused farm, or building - in a rural, forested area. Build a series of log cabin, earthships, wigwams, whatever we want to live in, cook in, relax in.

There will however be lots of work, establishing a network of guerrilla gardens, food forests, community gardens etc to feed us and some of the local community, those that wish to be part of the gardening aspects of the project primarily. Eventually educational centers, and skill sharing events will be held on site.

We all know the changes that are necessary. We need to grow plants, not imaginary mounds of fiat debt. Anyone wanting to live differently, to live in a loving, peaceful, respectful community and help to heal the natural world, whilst boycotting big business, politricks, banks and the system of repression and illusion that perpetuates them, should come and be part of this project.

No rules, bar immutable natural law.
No moniez, skills, related experience, political predispositions, or hairstyles required to join.

Food and water will not be a problem, nor will tools really- this said, you'll be more than welcome to bring your own food/tools to use/share, we might not have enough saws to go around- lol.

First stage is a meeting in gloucester, or cheltenham, face to face- get to know each other and talk about the plans, share ideas etc.

Peace and love.
Be brave, make the change- be the change.




Email the address provided...

06.05.2011 12:03

Should of ended on this...
Anyone wanting to be part of this eco-village project, please send an email to the address provided...
admin [at]
further information will be sent via email, if you do it quick, we're having a meeting this weekend, Sat 7th, so hurry and you can come along to that. If not, we'll be having more through-out the coming weeks.



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22.04.2011 15:13

How does one make contact to express an interest?

mail e-mail: skull_jumper99@hotmail.comContact


19.07.2011 00:04

sounds interesting!

mail e-mail:


01.04.2015 12:20

how do i get in contact

sarah godliman
mail e-mail: