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LibDem Conf: Convergence Centre Open in Sheffield #ldconf

Chris | 12.03.2011 09:07 | Free Spaces | Public sector cuts | Sheffield

A convergence space is now open in Sheffield, the shop next door to Debenhams on The Moor. There is lots of space for banner and placard making, there is water, electricity and should be food and internet access at some point today and later tonight there might even be some film screenings, come on down!

Sheffield Lib Dem Conf Convergence Space
Sheffield Lib Dem Conf Convergence Space

The photo was taken on 11th March, when there was a heavy police presence, two vans and "liaison officers" talking to the squatters.

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Police outside space

12.03.2011 10:26

10:25am police outside.

10:30am protestors heading out for the day.

People expect to return around 4pm.


new space

13.03.2011 15:23

New space now open. old abbey national bank and offices. need residents asap. we are now running what was the convergence space for the lib dems demo as a arts space, with talks, exhibitions, workshops, music nights and film screenings. need residents asap please call 07949941300 for more info. location is next to debenhams on the moor. sheffield