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Topple the Tyrants | 11.03.2011 13:52 | Free Spaces

Libyans to decide future of space.

On Wednesday the 9th of March we occupied the Hampstead mansion of Saif Gaddaffi. This action was taken in solidarity with the struggle of the Libyan people against 42 years of murderous dictatorship. A group of around 20 took control of the property at mid day. After the security and police had left, a call out was made to both Libyans and non-Libyans to come down and help us occupy the newly liberated space.

Very soon after, a group of very appreciative and excited Libyans arrived at the front of the building and made their way through the media scrum that had amassed outside. One protester scaled the front of the building to the first floor and unfurled the Libya Freedom flag, chanting and singing. They were welcomed inside and soon invited their friends including members of the British Libyan Solidarity Campaign.

We also received a huge amount of support from the London activist community. Many people came to offer support and supplies. Due to the massive turn out we had to turn some people away in order to ensure the space remained secure and prevent accidental damage to the property which needs to be returned to the Libyan people. We are sorry to people who came a long way and were disappointed, and we would like to make it clear that their support is massively appreciated.

Throughout the day all decisions, including issues related to access and press were made on a collective basis by everyone in occupation, whatever their affiliation. As time went on it became increasingly clear that the most appropriate thing to do was to leave the space in the hands of the Libyan groups present. By Thursday evening most of the original occupants had withdrawn leaving the Libyans present free to decide the future of the space. A small number of experienced squatters have remained to offer help and support and to maintain the bond built between the different social movements in a common struggle against tyranny.

However the corporate media would like to present the story, this was not a group of squatters trying to take an obscenely large house for themselves. It was a first step in trying to return these stolen assets to their rightful owners. It was an act of solidarity with our Libyan brothers and sisters who are loosing their lives in the struggle for freedom.

Watch this space…

Topple The Tyrants

Topple the Tyrants


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