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If you're not religious, for God's sake say so

zarniwoop | 10.03.2011 12:45 | 2011 Census Resistance | Sheffield

British Humanist Association Campaign regarding the UK national census

For anyone completing their UK census forms in the near future, the British Humanist Association is running a campaign encouraging people to tick the 'no religion' box. Census information is used in policy-making - many people apparently opt for 'Christian' if they were christened, regardless of whether they ever go to church or believe in a god.
There is more information on the campaign and its background here:

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10.03.2011 15:44

you can question god but you can't deny Ra

Amen Hotep

Thanks for the info

10.03.2011 17:17

Thank you - I wasn't aware of the association with Lockheed Martin.

Re Ra - I see your point - there's clearly no better explanation for sunrise/sunset...

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Bring back Gallifrey....

10.03.2011 19:36

Never mind the Jedi, the REAL 'religion' of the Universe has to be 'Whovian' with Gallifrey returned albeit completely anarchised.. er Whovianed rather.

Vvoorp, Vvorrp.....

The Doctor

stop calling it a census

10.03.2011 21:39

it's a stock take.
The farmer is counting his tax cows.