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Sizewell Camp 2011.

Twiddle | 09.03.2011 21:38 | Climate Chaos | Education | Energy Crisis | Cambridge | South Coast

Sizewell Camp 2011
Skill Share, Networking and Protest
Power for the People-Not Profits for the Few
Friday 22rd – Monday 25th April
Spend Easter weekend camping on the beach at Sizewell and show
your opposition to new nuclear power and the need for sustainable
energy solutions. This weekend also marks the 25th anniversary of
the Chernobyl Disaster. The weekend includes a protest at the
nuclear power station entrance, A public meeting, workshops and
skill shares, woodland and beach walks, vegan grub and
networking.Now is the time to take action against new build – come
join us to say
‘Nuclear power – No thanks!’

The Camp
Friday 22rd- 25th 6pm onwards
Saturday 23th, 12noon at the entrance to Sizewell A and B
A demonstration outside the gates of Sizewell opposing nuclear
power and supporting the alternatives.
Public Meeting
Saturday 7pm Leiston Community Centre
Workshops and Walks
Sunday 24th, At the Camp
A number of workshops including basic nuclear physics, why some
environmentalists still support nuclear power, alternative energy
supplies, decentralisation, and walks along the beach and into the woods EdF intend to destroy.
12 Noon, Monday
Chernobyl Remembrance followed by pack up
Getting There
Sizewell is on the Suffolk Coast about 8 miles from the A12 about
100 miles from Central London. The nearest train station is
Saxmundham which is 7 miles from Sizewell.
The postcode for the power station is IP16 4UE if you want to look it
up on the Internet.
About The Camp
We want as many people as possible to feel
comfortable at the camp so please no heavy
drinking or loud music. The camp will not be
run for you but by you so please be prepared
to help out with the running of the camp.
Please let us know (contact details below) if you are
thinking of coming so we have an idea of numbers.

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