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"Sprout your Mind" - Week of Skillsharing

Sprout your mind! | 09.03.2011 18:57 | Education

The spring is coming. Time to shake off winter cobwebs, meet some folk, germinate some new ideas together, to plant the seeds of creation and collapse.

So we are inviting you for a week of workshops and gathering from the 4th to the 10th of April!

The idea of the week is to have an open convergence space for us to gather, share knowledge, skills, information, ideas & inspirations.

At the moment the main skillshares will be:
- tree climbing, treetop construction
- wild plant collection, wild food, herbal medicines
- construction using recycled & natural materials.

Three full ays will be dedicated to these workshops, and the rest are open for anyone to offer a workshop, discussion, info-talks about other struggles/issues etc...

If you have any specific needs, such as kid's space, access needs, specific space or materials to give your workshop/talk, or whatever else, please contact us beforehand & we'll see what we can do [].

And if you'd like to stay here longer afterwards to do stuff, you are more than welcome!

Useful stuff to bring: tent, sleeping stuff, building and climbing materials, wellies, food, candles, bicycles, rechargable batteries, welding rods, etc.

So, who, & where, are we?

For more than 40 years now the government has been arrogating a massive area of farmland, houses, fields, wetlands & forests to build a new airport, highway bypass and TGV train line. There has been a constant local resistance, with residents' collectives & farmers' associations organising demos, tractor blockades, info-talks and more about their opposition to the project. In Septembre 2009, a call was made to occupy the abandoned and threatened areas, with local support. So far there are 18 occupied areas, including farmhouses, forests and abandoned fields. Already we have a library, bakery, treehouses, collective kitchens & gardens. All that allows us to be as strong, autonomous and sustainable as possible while building up our resistance against the airport. Earlier this year as well as the last two years, there have been preliminary works on the bypass, with machines protected by up to 150 police and military... Some places are threatened with eviction, others are being created and occupied, we are and will continue to be a spanner in their works.

Hitching directions:

From Nantes (south):
From Nantes city, take tram 2 to the Final stop, 'Orvault Grand Val'. From the tram stop, walk down the hill, under a bridge, and you will be on a roundabout. from there you can hitch to 'Orvault Bourg', the to 'La Paquelais'. From there you take the road D281 towards 'Fay de Bretagne'. About 2km further you will find 'Les Planchettes', an old farmhouse with caravans, banners etc...

From Rennes (north):
Take highway N137 which goes between Nantes and Rennes. Take exit for 'Heric' then the D16 to 'Fay de Bretagne'. Take D81 south, at intersection 'Les Ardillières' continue straight on D281 towards 'La Paquelais'. After about 1,5 km you will find 'Les Planchettes'.

See you there!

Sprout your mind!
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