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May Day! May Day! Rossport Solidarity Camp Summer Gathering Sat 30 April -Mon 2n

RSC | 09.03.2011 11:00 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Free Spaces | World

Come up to the Rossport Solidarity Camp Summer Gathering for the May Bank Holiday weekend to see for yourself what's at stake and learn more about the campaign.

The injustice faced by the community here is symbolic of the corruption and problems faced by people all over Ireland.

Stopping Shell's proposed Corrib Gas Project would safeguard the environment, the health and safety of those who live here and the €600 billion oil and gas that should belong to the people of Ireland.

This will be a busy time for actions as Shell will be attempting to work on the pipeline so if you haven't been up to the camp yet, the gathering is a great time to get involved.

The weekend will be packed with workshops, talks, children's activities & plans for action. Bring your tent & sleeping bag. Food will be cooked collectively, donations welcome.

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