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Yorkshire Student Assembly

Anon | 09.03.2011 01:43 | Education | Public sector cuts | Sheffield

An event to bring all student groups from around Yorkshire together to create stronger links between the groups which will hopefull be mutually beneficial.

To be held on Sunday 20th of March in Bradford.

The aim of the conference is to bring all the student groups in Yorkshire together to better coordinate their efforts and provide mutual support for large events. It is hoped that this event will also help equip students and other activists with a greater knowledge of how to protest safely and help all attendants prepare for the protests in London the following Saturday.

The conference is based around two large talks and three rotating workshops. There will be more workshops some of which will be running throughout the day and others at a specific time. There will also be other events during the day.

We invite all groups wishing to attend to produce a five minute presentation about their group. This is so all attending can get a better understanding of the other attendants and help to foster greater contact between different groups during the day.

Preliminary timetable, contact details and more information to follow.