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No UK Climate Camp in 2011

Sheffield Indymedia | 08.03.2011 15:20 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Sheffield

After 5 years of Climate Camps, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, a statement has been issued by the The Camp for Climate Action to say that "we will not organise a national Climate Camp in 2011" and that "we will not organise national gatherings as ‘Climate Camp’ or the Camp for Climate Action in 2011". This decision, and the process by which it was made, has been criticised by SchNews, "the act of a minority to shut-down an organisation which is meant to be run autonomously is entirely contradictory... Where Climate Camp goes after this, and whether local groups can effectively use the collective identity which has done so much for environmental activism over the last 5 years remains to be seen."

Newswire: Climate Camp Dissolves Itself | SchNews: Penny for the Guy Ropes

Coverage Elsewhere: Guardian: Climate Camp disbanded | New Internationalist: Where now for direct action on climate change? | Bristling Badger: Climate camp is dead, long live climate action | Political Dynamite: The end for Climate Camp?

the way [photo by kriptick at riseup dot net]
the way [photo by kriptick at riseup dot net]

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Not a bad thing

10.03.2011 14:30

Let’s face the facts – the Climate Camp never achieved its objective of creating a mass climate movement in the United Kingdom. Even its two claimed successes – Kingsnorth and Heathrow – were because of other factors. And throughout, it supposedly 'secret' actions had always been compromised by undercover police officers who slipped easily into its ranks.

Jon B

Working people will save humanity from extinction

10.03.2011 18:30

The full-time working class eco-warriors seem to be all that's left of the part-time Camp for Climate Action now.

Nick Martian


10.03.2011 19:49

The cops destroyed the Big Green gathering and these people have now destroyed the Climate camp. They say, that the network will carry on, but the network was always fragile. Theres been a number of attempts since CCA started to make separate climate action networks and they just evaporated. It was always the physical actuallity of the camp which kept people together.


Let's see what happens

10.03.2011 21:17

There are plenty of us committed to continuing with climate justice activism in the UK, so let's see what happens. It's an interesting decision - how many people have just done the same thing over and over again for 30 years because it's what they're used to without seeing whether other things are more effective?

And if it all peters out into nothing much or we realise that Climate Camps were our most effective way of organising then we can do another one in 2012. Though I personally think we need to build a bit more of the 'justice' into everyday climate politics first. Hopefully 2011 can begin with that


The REVOLUTION will arrest the government

10.03.2011 21:37

The Children of the Eco-Warriors wish to INVITE EVERYBODY to join them at the Earth Party at THE REVOLUTION in Parliament Square on 26 and 27 March when the process of arresting the government for
CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY will begin in an effort to save the human race from being DRIVEN TO EXTINCTION by the burning of fossil fuels.

Nick Martian


10.03.2011 23:51

There is not a planet B.
Where we will see each other face to act together?

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The REVOLUTION is being planned NOW!!

11.03.2011 06:18

Anyone who is seriously interested in being involved with the planning for the REVOLUTION in London on 26 and 27 March is invited to send me a friend request on Facebook and I will accept immediately. Thank you.

Nick Martian

Perhaps too much criticism -CCA are changing, not dissolving

14.03.2011 11:59

Although I am by not an active member of the Camp for Climate Action and so cannot speak for them, the impression I got from their "Metamorphosis" statement is very clear on reasons for deciding not to hold a Climate Camp this year. These are that the organisation has grown so much, and so much has happened globally in the last 5 years, that they feel they can organise many other actions now in order to keep up with what is going on in the world; they "now have both the will and the capacity to do more".
A further reason I picked up is the need to join with other groups, regardless of difference, in order to succeed on shared goals and actions. As Camp for Climate Action feel that "Anything but co-ordinated action is doomed to fail", the decision not to hold a Climate Camp this year seems rational.
I believe Camp for Climate Action are also planning a large national meeting soon; hardly a sign that the group has split completely into its smaller parts.
The "Metamorphosis" statement ends with the words "See you on the streets" and, while this can be interpreted as a negative indicator that Climate Camp's organisers are homeless, I think the more likely interpretation is that action is still very much on the agenda.