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Dodgy Census Employment Stats*& Jobfare

Jedi | 08.03.2011 12:24 | 2011 Census Resistance

It's the way you phrase the question. The census is starting to look and feel like a benefit form.

In order to boost the employment stats the Police State Census question 26 doesn't mention being unemployed ( that may be 'none of the above' ) and wants to include you as not unemployed if you have worked 'even if only for one hour' or you are on a government sponsored ( read PFI vampires in many cases ) 'training' scheme:-

Many of these training schemes have no training whatsoever and a re rtun by comapnies such sas A4Explotiation, Calder and Working Links.These have a constant carousel of slave labour and non-existant promised jobs for the likes other scum such as the Salvation Army. Many promised jobs do not exist. But these scum get paid for this.

A high percentage of people on these training schemes are having their money dishonestly stopped by the Job centre or Provider ( some of whom are selling on details for market databases). Free labour for driving , security and care work seem to be the norm. A large protion of economic migrants are being used to do their dirty work ( one at a centre I was at was and African chap and his first job in this country was working for the UK Border Agency ). Another place i was sent to volunteer was run by opportunist 'racist' Labour party apparatchiks claiming to be a community resource
( like some of these greenwash schemes ). BTW this kind of race discrimination doesn' t mean that you are any good for the ethnic community you claim to represent but just means a revenue stream and an ethnic group to exploit:- for example security guard, or doing their dirty police work for them....

Interesting the census form now resembles a form to claim benefit.....

Time to organise.People are kicking off now in these places. Need to find out howm,any peoplear ebeing ripped their and have been promised non-existent training and jobs.

A4e user group anyone?

One hour isn' t a job and nor is volunteering for some dodgy charity business.

and this is not a democracy but a police state.



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