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RBS occupied and banner dropped in Manchester

Luther Blissett | 05.03.2011 17:37 | Free Spaces


They took our money to pay for their mistakes,
& now they take our home...




Despite being empty for 4 years and having no plans to use
the property above RBS, we are faced with being uprooted from our
temporary security and shelter which we cleaned and worked
on from a state of disrepair to make our home.

After the billion pound bail-outs, bankers continue as usual,
as does the everyday struggle that people without their
positions of power have to face.

With cuts to our welfare services affecting the most vulnerable
in society, massive levels of unemployment for 18 - 25 year olds
and huge rents and low incomes we feel even more angry as
one of the main culprits, RBS, attempt to get us evicted.
Not that we expect any different from them...

This scenario is being replicated all over the country, as
landlords, companies and even social housing organisations
are pushing people away from properties to increase their
profits through speculation and gentrification.

With the inevitable series of cuts that our system creates
affecting us all, it is time to make a stand against the
greedy few who exploit us for their own gains.


Luther Blissett


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Just wait until the protests against cuts start in Northern Ireland

07.03.2011 11:48

Just wait until the protests against cuts start in Northern Ireland.

Belfast anarchist

Housing crisis

08.03.2011 13:34

Strange that there's no banners about the housing crisis given the nature of the action, but good work comrades :D

Kaze no Kae
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