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Sheffield Trade Union Rally Against Council Cuts

Chris | 04.03.2011 15:45 | Education | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements | Sheffield

On 4th March 2011, the day that Sheffield Council was meeting to formally set it's budget, trade unionists held a rally outside the Town Hall to oppose the proposed job losses and cuts in services.

See also the Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance web site:

And there is a protest against the Library cuts on Saturday:

The proposed cuts to Sheffield Library Service will mean a massively reduced mobile library capacity, reductions in opening hours at most branches and the loss of around 33 full-time staff posts. In small service points many of the activities will have to go - this includes babytimes and storytimes. Linked in with proposed cuts to Surestart this is a double whammy to parents of under fives. Despite the fact that we have been assured that no libraries will close this year, there is still another £1.1 million to come off the library budget in 2012/13 and 2013/14. It is hard to see how this won't lead to closures.

We have to make our voice heard now! Get down to your local library for 11am on Saturday 5th March, grab a book and start reading. Make signs and banners to explain why you are there, why you value your library service and why you are opposed to ALL cuts to public services.



Some more photos

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