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Bradley Manning: 22 New Charges Including 1 Carries Death Penalty -Solidarity Anyone?

Ciaron | 03.03.2011 09:41

BradleyManning: 22 New Charges Including One that Carries Death Penalty - Irish Call for Solidarity
He's in There for Us, We're on the Loose for Him!
GUARDIAN - Bradley Manning may face death penalty

I’m shocked that the military opted to charge Pfc. Bradley Manning today with the capital offense of “aiding the enemy”.

While the military is down playing the fact, the option to execute Bradley has been placed on the table. It’s beyond ironic that leaked US State Department cables have contributed to revolution and revolt in dictatorships across the Middle East and North Africa, yet an American may be executed, or at best face life in prison, for being the primary whistleblower.

Millions of Americans, and even more internationally, clearly understand the contribution of Pfc. Manning towards not only freedom of information, but literally freedom itself. It’s hard for me to reconcile that with the US Army’s additional criminal charges against Pfc. Manning today. –
Jeff Paterson,
Courage to Resist / Bradley Manning Support Network

**A Call for Solidarity - Right here, Right now!
Bradley Manning is presently being tortured and faces execution accused of releasing this footage

Julian Assange is being persecuted for admitting to publishing and circulating this footage

The last place Bradley Manning was before he was in a war zone, and then in chains, was Ireland. Like tens of thousands of young Americans who preceeded him, Manning past through Shannon Airport ( a defacto U.S. military base in neutral Ireland) County Clare, Ireland to his fate. 4,000 of these young Americans returned home in body bags (their corpses wisely shipped through Saudi not Shannon), 10,000 with injuries they will never recover from, they will never walk or talk again they will spend the ret of their lives shitting into their diapers (wisely shipped thorugh Germany not Shannon) another 20,000 with injuries they should partly recover from, hundrends have returned to commit homicide, suicide or actions for which they are now imprisoned, thers are walking time bombs let loose in civil society - and a million Iraqi dead mostly women and children (Lancett Report)

We Irish slapped Bradley Manning, and these hundreds of thousands of young Americans, on the sod him/them duty free and sent him/them to their predictable fate! Under the ancient rules of Irish and global hospitality Bradley Manning is party our responsibility. This young man was our guest in Ireland and we sent him on his way into a danger we were well aware of, without a word of warning.

Political parties in Ireland are content to faciilitate the American wars on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. These parties are happy to serve the largest and most destuctive empire in human history, even in its declining death throes. Irish political parties are content to run this franchise on the west coast of Europe as others are willing to run the franchises of Burger King and McDonalds on the high streets.

The Irish church and the Irish arts community, with a handful of honorobale exceptions, maintain a housebroken complicity with our role in these ongoing U.S. wars and the persecution of those,in Ireland and selsewhere, who nonviolently resist them. The generation that is providing the cannon fodder for this war feels no tension with the generation sending their contempories to do the killing and the dying. The British war machine sends its recruitment propaganda to 26 county shools and the unemployed with no visible opposition.

The Irish "left" and @ scene, like their English cousins, are largley disengaged from this ongoing war.

We have to snap out of it. wake up, smell the coffee, cop on, realise the context and the historical moment. We need to do what we can wherever we are to stop the execution, or life imprisonment in an American gulag, of Bradley Manning. We need to be doing that right now!

Bradley was only 14 when the U.S. troops started to go through Shannon to invade Iraq. For those who are older we had/have a responsibility to him, a duty of care. He was homeless when he followed his father's (who had thrown him out of the house for being gay) footsteps into the U.S. military. For those of us who have never been in a homeless predicament much is expected of us in relation to brothers and sisters in this predicament.

Nonviolent resistance, proactive soidarity with those who step up to the plate inside and outside the militaries prosecuting this war AND truth telling of the kind Manning is accused of and Juian Assange is being persecuted for presently in British courts. The time for moral posturing and opportunism is over. The time is now!
- Ciaron O'Reilly
Pit Stop Ploughshares
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Quite a plea bargain for Manning = Give us Assange or we execute you!

03.03.2011 12:41

Sounds like a strong plea bargaining position the liberals of the Obama administration have come up with to offer Manning (after torturing him or 7 months).....
"Give us Assange and we won't seek the death penalty!"

Meanwhile the Engish lliberals of the Guardian (resentful aspitarional, didn't quite make it, public school boy jerk offs) are pushing their book and have a movie deal on the back of doing their bit to send Assange to an American jail for "the term of his natural....."
Check out Page 3 of today's Guardian as they are flattered by Spielberg involvement in their character low can ya go...wait there's surely more from these people who have never spent night in custody for their questionable beliefs.

The British left, anti-war and @ scenes are nowhere to be seen in relation to the persecution of these two men who have risked their life long liberty and possibly their lives (formall executed or set up for a killinging the U.S. prison system) to speak the truth about the US/UK waron the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As someone ho has done time in the U.S. system for nonviolent anti-war resistance, I put this callout this morning.....

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Longer ealier analysis on torturing Manning to deliver Assange

03.03.2011 12:57

Longer ealier analysis on torturing Manning to deliver Assange


Love me I'm a liberal............Naaaaaaaaah!

03.03.2011 15:11

During the Vietnam War, Phil Ochs got it in one with "Love me I'm a Liberal"

...this one goes out to the liberal public school boyz of the Guardian and Panorama...."...and that's why I'm turning ya in..."

"First they came for the cyberpunks, but I was not a cyberpunk and I did nothing.
and then they came for the military resisters but I was not a militar resister and I did nothing,
and then they offered me part in a Spileberg movie and chances are they won't come for the Guardian journalists...and who cares about the Reuters journos slain in the footage that Manning is accused of leaking and Assange has circulated and published...chances they are they weren't Ebglish public school boyz.

Here's not a bad rewrite of Phil Och's 1960's effort....

...and Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon's version


German Panorama TV (12mins) - Bradley Manning:"Whistleblower Jailed; Shooters Wa

04.03.2011 05:48

12-min TV program on Bradley Manning EXCELLENT! ... and usable
(thanx Ray!)

You may be familiar with "Panorama," the oldest and most respected "60 Minutes"-type program on German TV. They did an excellent 12-min special, featuring Ethan McCord the U.S. soldier who tried to save the Iraqi child after the U.S. gunship massacres, ex-C.I.A. analyst Ray McGovern, various talkingheads and U.S.politicians caing froo the execution of Bradley Manning and others and lots of footage from the "collateral murder" original tape. It aired about three weeks ago.

The program had unusually broad and intense resonance in Germany. it's available to all who understand English. It is, I think, VERY good. Perhaps you can promote it?

(English Title: Whistleblower Jailed; Shooters Walk Free)

German Panorama
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