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The revolt in the Centres d'identification in Italy

Valeria Pini - trad: Proken | 02.03.2011 14:12 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

"It 'a living hell from which escape"

Voltage at maximum levels. Four hundred new visitors to Lampedusa. In Bologna, a hundred activists of the social centers have entered the Cie over the wall. An assault: "To free the immigrants." Flames and riots in Turin and Gradisca Cie d'Isonzo
Cie-center for identification and expulsion

Protests of the activists of the social centers in the Center for identification and expulsion of via Mattei


Mattresses burned, protests, structures close to collapse. Walls and gates no longer hold protests riesocno immigrants. The CIE (Center for identification and expulsion) of Lampedusa, Bologna, Turin, Gradisca d'Isonzo, Bari the voltage is at the highest levels. In the structures that host migrants living together becomes increasingly difficult. There is little space and sanitation are scarce. The latest episode in Bologna: the activists have gone to attack the social centers for 'free migrants' and stormed the Cie via Mattei, a suburb of Bologna.

A situation that with the passing of the hours it becomes increasingly difficult, given that the number of guest rooms. With the last arrival of 400 migrants landed on Lampedusa in one night it came back to fill the community center in Lampedusa, which is actually a CIE (Center for identification and expulsion). In the structure, which has a capacity of 850 beds, only 218 were left after the last non-transfer with two flights to the detention center of Bari and Brindisi.

The emergency landings.

The problem is that some Tunisians landed in Lampedusa have been brought into Cie, centers for identification and expulsion from which you can not go out freely. The lucky ones are in the Cara (Centres for asylum seekers) and in shelters, so they are free to move. The issue has prompted many Tunisians
Cie in the protest. And sometimes the protests turn into riots.

Yesterday Bologna.

In Bologna in the day when migrants have crossed their arms to strike "24 hours without us," a hundred activists of the social centers have entered the Cie over the wall. They fought with sticks and iron pipes through the gates. They managed to pass the police cordon and reach the foreigners detained in Cie.

The response was violent.

The immigrants have broken broom handles and hit the railings. Then set fire to mattresses and tried to leave by force from the entrance. A revolt double from centers of industry "to demand the release of migrants". Dozens of youngsters have passed a first wall that defines a field that surrounds the structure on the back. The police said that the activists were blocked before they enter the Cie. activists for their part said they were able to get instead.

"A sort of circle of hell."

In the end the protesters were repelled by soldiers engaged in the surveillance center. "The feeling is that it is straight out of a circle of hell," said Neva Cocchi, stop the migrants at the OPT. After the clashes came as a delegation to Cie together with regional councils and Gabriella Sconciaforni, Roberto Meo, and the lawyer Elias de Caro. "The structure is crumbling, looks like a maximum security prison, is full of gratings, partitions, walls, gates-says-it's all concrete, the spaces are cramped and hygiene is poor."


Tension at the highest level in Turin. In the night between Monday and Tuesday some Tunisian in the Cie in Turin set fire to some housing structures the same Cie, in via Brunelleschi. According to the police the incident could be connected with a demonstrative gesture occurred in recent days in Gradisca Cie d'Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia.
it’s likely that some of the immigrants in Turin and Cie in to Gradisca d'Isonzo parties were members of the same groups from Tunisia and then landed on Lampedusa.

Gradisca d'Isonzo.

There are also several clashes in recent days in the cie of Gradisca d'Isonzo. The structure was burned several times by immigrants over the last month. Twenty of the rooms, only one is still fit for use. Mattresses and pillows were destroyed, used by immigrants to feed the flames, and the rooms are impregnated with smoke. Only a second room could be restored soon. The immigrants settled in the structure as best they are still waiting for the Ministry of the Interior to transfer them. 100 are the immigrants remained there, 4 have just been transferred to another Cie and a Chinese citizen has opted to return to his country. The 100 guests will sleep tonight distributed among the only room accessible and common areas.


It is near collapse the situationin Cie of Bari. The warning sended from the deputy of the Democratic Party, Dario Ginefra at the end of the visit of the two structures in Bari. "The situation in the structures Bari, thanks to denial of civilian and military involved in them, is under control, but at the same time appears to be close to collapse - said Ginefra -. There is a strict condition of overcrowding also into Cara (reception center for asylum seekers) that contains 1274 immigrants against a planned maximum capacity of 944 units. At Cie (Center for identification and expulsion), however, the residents are 108. "

(02 March 2011)

Valeria Pini - trad: Proken