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Defend Julian Assange! Behind the witch-hunt of #WikiLeaks

Chris | 28.02.2011 22:38 | Repression | Technology | Terror War | Sheffield | World

Robert Stevens spoke at a public meeting in Sheffield on 23rd February about the persecution of WikiLeaks, and in defense of Julian Assange.

Audio Post Production by ZKT.

The meeting was part of a tour and was advertised with the following text:

The publication of US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks provides an invaluable insight into the real state of international relations, the plots, conspiracies and crimes of the United States and other governments, and the mounting global tensions that threaten to spark new military conflicts.

The organisation’s founder, Julian Assange, has faced death threats from US politicians and media figures as well as calls for his trial and execution.

The British authorities are participating in efforts to extradite Assange to Sweden on trumped-up sex charges, where he will almost certainly face extradition to the US and a possible death sentence.

Much of what passes for the liberal or “left” milieu has either joined in the right-wing campaign against Assange or, in what amounts to the same thing, are silent as to the grave threat to democratic rights that is posed by this counter-attack by the imperialist powers.

See also this article:

Wikileaks, Karl Marx and You
by Alistair Davidson

- Homepage:


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