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Free Talk - 2nd March - Watching the watchers, the Surveillance State Exposed

No CCTV | 27.02.2011 18:17 | Free Spaces | Technology | Cambridge

Presentation at Keynes Hall, Kings College Weds 2nd March on the surveillance state and how to fight it

Wednesday 2nd March - 7.30 PM open and free to all.
Venue: Keynes Hall, Kings College, Cambridge University, King's Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1ST

Watching the Watchers

The Social and Political Sciences (SPS) Society is proud to host Charles Farrier from "No CCTV" and Steve Jolly from the "Say No to Birmingham Spy Cameras" campaign who will both talk about the use and effects of CCTV, and the dangers of ethnic targeting. The talk will be followed by a Q & A session.

* What if all our assumptions about CCTV were wrong?
* What if you were told that surveillance cameras do not reduce crime - would you still be in favour of them?
* What is the difference between soviet style roadside checkpoints and Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras?
* Are CCTV cameras against the very principles of the Common Law that has underpinned our society for hundreds of years?

Free Admission
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