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Please Mind The Gap - documentary looking at the 'Gap Year' industry

Ya Basta Films | 26.02.2011 17:52 | Culture | Education | Other Press

The first film produced by an independent non-profit collective, Ya Basta Films.

Thousands of young people travel to developing countries every year to 'volunteer', the majority pay huge sums of money to Gap Year organisations which in many cases are no more than travel companies, making large profits from the volunteers.

People are told that they will 'make a difference' and that despite their lack of skills, they are needed to 'help' people in the countries they work. Our film hopes to challenge the orthodox view, that just because people are 'volunteering' what they are doing must be 'good'.

We visited Ghana to try and find out what the impact of this industry is and who is benefiting from it.

Please watch, comment, share and if you want to support future independent projects which will be available free and online you can buy a hard copy too. The film is available on our website:

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