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Hollywood star slams Shell as ‘The Pipe’ wins IFTA award

Anti-Shell campaigner | 20.02.2011 15:53 | Rossport Solidarity | World

The Pipe, a documentary about the conflict caused by the controversial Corrib gas project, has been lauded at the Irish Film and Television Awards (IFTAs)

Director Risteard Ó Domhnaill’s film captures a community in turmoil. The Pipe follows the lives of three local people in Rossport and their opposition to the Shell’s efforts to bring gas ashore in the area. The Pipe was a popular winner of the George Morrison Feature Documentary Award at the awards ceremony on the Saturday.

Meanwhile, the documentary has struck a chord with some of Hollywood’s stars. Danny DeVito was in Dublin last week and tweeted after seeing the Pipe screened on TG4. “An example of ‘big oil’ trashing the rights of hard-working folk,” was the diminutive actor’s considered opinion.

This is an important film which will soon be released on DVD and will assist to build the campaign against Shell.

Anti-Shell campaigner