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Russian Students' Action

Moscow student | 19.02.2011 02:51 | Education | Social Struggles | World


Recently the rector of Moscow State University (Press) (MGUP) Alexander Tsyganenko has been forced to resign from office, said one of the activists who oppose the policy of the rector, with reference to the Ministry of Education and Science.
According to Artem Khromov, activists welcomed the resignation of the rector, but they want fundamental change in university policy on students and teachers. "The main thing is that we need to carry on the fight. If someone from the administration is appointed as rector, and will insist on reform, it will not bring anything good. We have to democratize the learning process so that students and the lecturers can participate in the selection of the rector, who will restore the school, and not destroy it", - said Khromov.
For more than 18 months, a group of students and teachers of have been fighting MGUP for the resignation of the rector
They accused the rector of a change in the educational process, in particular, raising tuition fees, dismissal of protesting teachers and applying pressure on students. In December, an indefinite strike began, demanding the resignation of the rector – it was attended by 350 students and 30 lecturers.

Moscow student