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Icelandic Cops Have Not Denied Involvement with UK Police Spies

Saving Iceland | 17.02.2011 23:09 | Repression | World

Contrary to our former information the Icelandic National Commissioner has not denied that his police force was involved in the Mark Kennedy scandal.

In response to our recent analysis of the Mark Kennedy affair (11 Feb) the Icelandic Ministry of the Interior has issued a statement denying that the National Commissioner of the Police of Iceland, Haraldur Johannessen, had previously announced to Ögmundur Jónasson, the Minister of the Interior, that the National Police were unaware of the Mark Kennedy operation within Saving Iceland and claiming they had nothing to do with the spy or his masters, i.e. the UK police. Apparently the National Police are still working on the case and the report ordered (to answer if the National Police were involved in the UK spy operation) by the Minister of the Interior and have not reached any conclusions yet.

This statement of the Ministry of the Interior does not answer any of the questions raised or alter any of the conclusions drawn in our statement.

Just to name one:

“The published confirmation [in the Police Magazine] of close collaboration between British and Icelandic authorities on the issue of Saving Iceland in the winter of 2005-2006 together with the statements of the police in Seydisfjordur and Eskifjordur, that contradicts the evidence that Saving Iceland is in possession of, gives ample grounds to assume that the Icelandic authorities were in the know about Mark Kennedy’s infiltration of Saving Iceland.”

The rest of the world is certain to be watching with interest to see exactly how the Icelandic National Police chooses to present their version of the serious violations of law and human rights that have been conducted in their own jurisdiction.

Whilst Saving Iceland applauds the efforts of the National Police to persevere in this strenuous investigation of their own organization, we shall not be holding our breath until Commissioner Johannessen and his spin masters decide when they see fit to finally lay their Golden Egg.


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