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SaboTAJ Press Release #1

SaboTaj | 17.02.2011 22:56 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

We need your support to help save our community!

St James Street in Kemptown, Brighton is turning into a long libe of supermarkets - we have taken a building back into community use.

Please circulate far and wide....

no more sainsburys
no more sainsburys

a tiny shot
a tiny shot

As you may be aware, Sainsbury’s have applied to the council for permission to open a new supermarket on the site of the old Taj shop on St James street.

We have seen that there is a widespread opposition to this in the local community.

Another supermarket owned by a big corporation will put even more pressure on the local independent businesses in these already harsh economic times. After all, Taj itself closed down because of the recession.

As our city and our lives become increasingly commercialised in the wake of all of this, the last thing we need is another clone supermarket muscling in on what was once a unique and independent local street.

So we have decided to take direct action to try and stop these plans going ahead by occupying the building to make it available for free to everyone. This was a tactic that successfully managed to prevent a Tesco being built on Lewes Road last year and it can work again with enough support.

By occupying the building, we are reclaiming a private commercial space as a community one. Somewhere where we can find one another, make it our own, use it, and even organise collectively against cuts and corporatisation and for our communities.

By coming down to the building, signing our petition, lending a hand or creative input, and showing your support in other ways, you will be helping to demonstrate in a practical way that economic crisis is not an excuse for corporate takeover of our city.

So please feel very welcome to come down to the old Taj shop, talk to the people there and get involved in creating this as an open community space!

In Solidarity
The Taj Occupiers

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Support to stop the rot.

18.02.2011 17:25

Brighton has enough Sainsburys and Tescos already. They dominate the city and are putting the independent shops out of business. They add nothing to the city and spoil the availability for everyone. They do not stock local goods and their lorries are not eco friendly.

Let us all get together and show support for this as a community project.

Has Sainsburys been given permission for a store there?

What backhanders are the councillors getting for all these mulitnationals?

Ann Archist.