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Anti-Fur Protesters Back at Dixies – Campaign to step up!

Animal Rights Cambridge | 16.02.2011 23:22 | Animal Liberation | Repression | Social Struggles | Cambridge | World

Fur is dead! Until Cambridge is fur free we will fight on!

Protesters were back at Dixies Vintage market stall last Saturday calling on the stall to end its sale of fur. The stall is believed to be Cambridge city's last fur retailer and the barrier to a fur free Cambridge.

There was lots of support from members of the public who sign the petition and took leaflets about the vintage fur trade. Many were shocked to learn that the stall was selling real fur items.

One market thug became extremely threatening. After ripping up one leaflet and littering the floor he unsuccessfully attempted to steal the rest of the leaflets out of a protester's hands. Protesters were totally undeterred and plan to step up the campaign as a result of this.

There was no police presence this time.

Please speak to Dixies market stall, Market Sq, Cambridge and tell them its time to go fur free!

Animal Rights Cambridge
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time to put an end to fur in Cambs

17.02.2011 19:24

lets get this campaign heated up!!!

if not now,, when?

Smash the fur trade!

18.02.2011 00:03

See you on the streets!



20.02.2011 17:31

I saw you in town and signed the petition. I will never buy from that stall again.