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Chiapas/Zapatista News February 2011

Martin O'Neill | 15.02.2011 01:08 | Zapatista

Mass non-payment of electricity bills

Action in support of migrants

Police harass journalists in San Cristóbal de las Casas

Prisoners huger strike in Motozintla Prison

Demonstration against femicide

The General Command of the Zapatista National Liberation Army expresses sadness and regret at the death of Bishop Samuel Ruiz García.

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Also regular reports on Mexican workers' struggles and the latest arrests to benefit corporate tourism in Chiapas can be found at:

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15.02.2011 04:06

(this post was earlier scrubbed out by Indymedia)

The IMF, ICEM, ITF and UNI are calling on affiliates to take action from February 14 until and as close as possible to the fifth anniversary of the Pasta de Chonchos tragedy on February 19.

Join us in calling on the Mexican government to
1:Hold employer and government officials accountable for the Pasta de Chonchos mine explosion that killed 65 miners on February 19, 2006,

2. Abolish systemic violation of workers’ freedom of association,

3. End the use of force by the state or private parties to repress workers’ legitimate demands for democratic unions, better conditions, etc,

4. End the campaign of political persecution against the Mexican Miner’s Union and Mexican Electrical Workers’ Union.

We ask that you:
Demonstrate and hold meetings at the Mexican embassy or consulate of your own country, deliver letter of protest, petition to the Mexican government, meet with politicians of your own country who may be able to influence Mexican government, seek meetings with investors and clients of these Mexican companies, hold press conferences etc.

See link below to websites with details about this.

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