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Protest In Solidarity With The Students of Iran on 11 February

UfSO | 11.02.2011 06:54 | Repression

The University of Strategic Optinism is organising a protest against the Iranian regime and in support of democracy in the country on 11 February.

The UfSO expresses its solidarity with the students of Iran who face persecution, imprisonment and death from an oppressive regime.

We also condemn the meddling of the governments of the US and Britain who only seek only to further their own interests, with disregard for the actual desires of the people of Iran.

We would like to invite students in London and other supporters of democracy in Iran to a show of solidarity on Friday 11th of February at 6:30 pm opposite the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (16 Princess Gate, Kensington Road, London SW7 1PT.)