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Shocking exposure of Israel's repeated violations of international law

Anon | 09.02.2011 14:24 | Campaign against Carmel-Agrexco | Repression | World

Palestine Section report to UN exposes Israel's systematic pattern of torture and ill treatment of children

In a shocking exposure of Israel's repeated violations of international law in their treatment of child prisoners, Defence for Children International -Palestine Section have asked the UN Special Rapporteurs: on torture; on the independence of judges and lawyers; and on arbitrary detention; to ensure that an independent international inquiry investigates Israel's abuses of child prisoners. They are seeking investigations of all credible cases of torture, with perpetrators being brought to justice, and insist that all child prisoners must be interrogated with audio- visual recording in the presence of a lawyer or family member.

"This shocking report discloses persuasive evidence that confessions in Hebrew are extracted and signed under torture despite the children often not understanding the language. A particularly disturbing claim in the report is that 47.5% (19) of the children interviewed suffered such abuses in the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The treatment of these children, according to the report, systematically violates the UN Convention against Torture and the Fourth Geneva Convention. The international community must insist that the perpetrators of such abuses are brought to justice and if the abuses continue effective sanctions must be imposed."

- Sir Geoffrey Bindman, Action for Palestinian Children

The latest report of the last 6 months of 2010 contains testimonies of 40 children (aged 12 to 17), 62.5 percent of whom were accused of throwing stones.