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Bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria

Harry F. Pelosy | 08.02.2011 23:46 | Guantánamo | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | Cambridge

Ex-minister suspected behind Alex church bombing ...... Egypt`s general prosecutor on Monday opened probe on former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly`s reported role in the New Year`s Eve bombing of al-Qiddissin Church in Alexandria in which 24 people were killed, an Egyptian lawyer told Al Arabiya. Laywer Ramzi Mamdouh said he had presented a proclamation to Egyptian prosecutor Abd al-Majid Mahmud to investigate news media reports suggesting that the former interior ministry had masterminded the deadly church attack with the intent to blame it on Islamists, escalate government crackdown on them, and gain increased western support for the regime.

Despot Mubarak in die BRD ?
Despot Mubarak in die BRD ?

Mahmud said the information contained in some reports were "serious." The proclamation, numbered 1450, pointed to the news reports sourcing a UK diplomat who explained the reasons why Britain has insisted on the immediate departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his regime, especially his interior ministry's security apparatus previously directed by el-Adly. ..... More:

Islamists and the Egyptian revolution: Any discussion of the status of Islamists in a new Egypt makes little sense if it’s based on the same data that was previously used to study religious movements, and if it ignores the fact that Egypt has witnessed a revolution that destroyed many of the old features of its religious scene. The revolution was not just directed against the autocratic, repressive and corrupt Egyptian regime, which relied on an alliance of money, power and corruption. It was also directed against the official religious establishment and its discourse that supports this regime, either directly or indirectly. M O R E: .............

#Jan25 F*ck you Omar! ........ Listen to the fascist speaking ..........

Mubaraks Milliarden in der Schweiz? Mit dem absehbaren Ende der Ära Mubarak werden Fragen nach Umfang und Herkunft seines Privatvermögens laut. Der Finanzplatz Schweiz steht im Zentrum der Gerüchte. ..............

Picture: Ägypten - Kommt der Despot Mubarak nach Deutschland? .......... ....... Proteste : Polizei warnt vor Mubarak-Reise nach Deutschland ...... Die Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft schlägt Alarm: Eine Ausreise Mubaraks nach Deutschland wäre eine Hiobsbotschaft. Die Polizei habe keine Reserven für den Schutz des ägyptischen Präsidenten. Zudem fürchtet der Verband massive Proteste.

Harry F. Pelosy


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09.02.2011 19:56

What does this have to do with Cambs local news?