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What's really happening with the EU Cosmetics Directive

Stop testing cosmetics on animals!!!! | 03.02.2011 15:34 | Analysis | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | World

It was recently leaked to the Guardian newspaper that the European Parliament will probably be asked to postpone a ban intended to impose a Europe-wide ban on the use of animals for testing cosmetic products, (and their ingredients), and a simultaneous ban on the sale of cosmetic products tested on animals after the European ban comes into force.

Many groups have already launched petitions and requests for donations to help fight any postponement of the ban, yet so far none of them have actually explained the political situation to their members and it often seems like they're simply expecting people to blindly follow them with little or no understanding of what they're campaigning for or against.

This article explains the history of the Cosmetics Directive and documents how the comsetics industry has consistently manipulated politicians into surrendering on the issue of animal experimentation, despite overwhelming opposition from the people they're elected to represent:

Stop testing cosmetics on animals!!!!
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