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Cyber Action -- Urge Air Canada to Stop Transporting Monkeys for Vivisection

A monkey's friend | 30.01.2011 10:20 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | World

It was recently disclosed that Air Canada are transporting monkeys for research after an employee at Toronto international airport tipped off the BUAV that a shipment of 48 monkeys, destined for Montreal, was being held at the airport after arriving from China. As Air Canada doesn't have a cargo division, all the monkeys they transport must be being carried in the cargo hold of passenger flights with people's luggage.

Please contact Air Canada and urge them to end their involvement in the transport of primates for vivisection!

Emails; (1 block of 22):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sample Letter:

Dear Air Canada representative,

I was extremely disappointed to learn that your company transports monkeys for use in biomedical research, and would like to inform you that I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of laboratory animals being transported on the same plane as myself and my luggage.

The vast majority of passenger airlines now have strict policies against the transport of laboratory animals and therefore I will not fly with Air Canada until you enact a policy ending your transport of lab animals!

I hope you will consider my concerns,


A monkey's friend


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