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Down with Mubarak - Fotos ...

gar | 26.01.2011 16:09 | Social Struggles | World

At this moment clashes in the center of Cairo continue .. and in Asaker region
Demonstrations are anounced for tomorow ...
the 25th jan uprising face book link >>
(U may use google to translate..)

Heavily armed riot police have been deployed in major cities as the Interior Ministry said that it would not tolerate demonstrations. Reports say at least 14 protesters have been arrested in El Monofeya near the capital Cairo after clashes between riot police and demonstrators. In Cairo, at least one person was wounded when police tried to disperse the angry people. Mubarak's son and wife have reportedly fled to Britain amid the spreading unrest. The opposition groups have called on people to take to the streets to continue anti-government protests. Meanwhile, protest organizers have announced a general strike across the country. According to the official website of the Egyptian opposition group, Muslim Brotherhood, the general strike will be in place on Wednesday and Thursday. The Egyptian government has banned any demonstrations, warning that protesters would be detained. Police have reportedly used live bullets against demonstrators. However, the demonstrators have promised to continue protests.

The stock excange in cairo falls..
The Police hits with plastik bulets..
extensive use of tear gase
Lots of demonstrators arested and "misused " by thw police specialy the captured women

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