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We need you help to stop shell in rossport!

Rossport Solidarity Camp | 24.01.2011 17:43 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | History | Social Struggles | Liverpool | World

On Thursday 20th January An Bord Pleanala announced their decision to
approve the Shell high pressure raw gas pipeline. The decision shows the
farce of project splitting, which forces authorities to pass small dangerous
sections of projects as the rest of the expensive project has already been
built. This is the last chance to resist the plan by the Irish Government,
state bodies and Shell to force their will on communities and on the country
as a whole, regardless of proper process, economic sense, people’s safety,
environmental laws and human rights. Whilst the people of Ireland are being
crippled by the cuts in public services and forced in to huge EU and IMF
debt, the great gas giveaway is the elephant in the room that could be our
solution. The unjust deal can be renegotiated as we have successfully seen
in other countries. The people of Ireland should have a say in how we
sustainably manage our natural resources. The struggle against Shell is a
struggle for everyone in Ireland. You can be part of it.

You will never have concent Shell!
You will never have concent Shell!

*What are Shell’s plans? *

The construction period is 28 months, probably starting around March 2011.
Month 3 and 4 are the heaviest for construction traffic with 250 truck
movements every day. However Shell could begin construction anytime from now
by putting up fences to secure the compound in Aughoose and Glengad. The
opportunity to prevent Shell from securing the Aughoose compound and
delivering their tunnel boring machine to the site is now our best chance to
stop the project. We must not let the opportunity go by, as once the tunnel
boring machine has gone underground the work will be much harder to stop. We
have until Thursday 17th March to put in an application for a Judicial
Review. Even if this is successful it would not stop work immediately and so
we need to stop it ourselves.

*What you can do now:*

1. Come up to the camp! If you can only come up once this year, make plans
to come up soon. Ideally come as soon as you get the call out that Shell are
about to start work which will probably be within the next 2 months. Summer
is the time loads of people come to resist Shell’s destructive work but this
time Shell are planning to start work around March and this is the busiest
time for traffic movements. If you are booking time off work, book time off
in March now, there will be work to do every day in March. Ask your friends
and all those you know have been involved in the campaign over the years to
book time off also and make plans to come up.

2. We are getting ready to set up the new camp and need your help now,
particularly with practical preparation and building work. The new camp
requires people with carpentry and building skills. However if you don’t
have these skills, please come because you can learn them.

3. Do a stall and leaflet your local town on Saturday 12th February. The
Pipe film will be shown on television on Wednesday 9th February so lots of
people will be interested in the campaign. We will have the new leaflet,
stickers and posters and election questions ready for this, please email to
be sent some.

4. Get in touch if you would like us to give a non-violent direct action
workshop in your area, to prepare people to come up.

5. If you cannot make it up here at the moment, please get ready to come
when you get the call out that Shell are about to start work. Solidarity
actions at garages, government offices & subcontractors are other great ways
of supporting the campaign, however immediately after the call out we will
need you here in Mayo.

Please email ** or phone 0851141170 to let
us know when you can come up and for latest updates.

Please share this information as widely as you can.

If you have ever wanted to take action, the time is now!


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