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National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts - 24/01 - latest news

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The poster reads: “60,000 Reichs Marks is the cost to the people’s community for this hereditary disabled over a lifetime; People’s comrade, that comes from YOUR gold. Read ‘New People’ – The monthly periodical of the Political Office of the National Socialist German Workers’s Party.”

“The cost of disability benefits is simply UNSUSTAINABLE” – Maria Miller, Minister for Disabled People in an interview with the tabloid press in November 2010.

Take Action Against Atos Origin and the Poverty Pimps on the 24th January 2011.

Actions events and protests are planned around the UK.

Here's the latest info:

Birmingham - Students will be protesting at the The Main Library, The University of Birmingham:

Brighton - Using the 24th to publicise a bigger event against Atos Origin on the 5th Feb:

Outside Burnley Town Hall, Manchester Road, Burnley: 12:30-2pm

Crawley - Meet 10am, The Boulevard (opposite Marks & Spencers)

Glasgow - Anti-benefit cuts leafleting, outside Atos, Corunna House
29 Cadogan Street - 3-4pm:

Leeds - Atos Origin - 10 - 12, then A4e @12 - 2pm
ATOS: 1 Whitehall, Whitehall Road Leeds
A4e: Ground Floor Zicon House Wade Lane Leeds LS2 8DD

London - Picnic and Party in Triton Square, 2pm: Bring music, drums, whistles, banners, food to share and let's brighten up the faceless corporate wasteland that is home to poverty pimps Atos Origin Ltd.

Prior to this Haringey Claimants Action Group (part of Haringey Sol Group) and Islington Poverty Action Group will be outside the Archway Examination Centre, 1a Elthorne Road, N19 from 11.30am then heading down to the picnic.

Livingston, Scotland:
10am - Atos Origin, 3 Appleton Place, Appleton Parkway, Eliburn

Lydney, Gloucestershire - Meet by the Co-Op, 1pm:

Newcastle - Protest and Picnic Against Benefit Cuts and Poverty Pimps
at A4e Newcastle (meet at Manors Metro) - Called by Tyneside Claimants Union:

Hastings -

and everywhere, the second National Troll A Tory Day:

don't forget you can also troll atos origin direct


Tel: 020 7830 4444

For latest info on events check the facebook page below or website. Please contact us urgently if you are organising something and would like it publicised.

claimants fightback
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