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Jan 17 "Siege of Quantico" - Free Bradley Manning!

Ciaron | 18.01.2011 07:10 | World

Over the past few weeks, I was privileged enough to hitch a ride on an email list that organised this January 17th solidarity demonstration with Bradley Manning. demanding his ongoing torture at Quantico U.S. Marine Corps Base cease and his immediate release! It reminded me how much I miss that "sure can do" American activist energy since my deportation following resistance there to Gulf War 1.

These folks think of the t-shirt, the leaflets, the stickers and yes whistlles with Manning's face on it..."whistleblower" gittit?

Here's 12 mins 29 secs of the U.S.Marines defending the Quantico base permieter and the indefensiible and a great crew of ex- military, ex-CIA, ex FBI, regular joes and janes who have the courage and the energy 10 years into this war to hit the streets, act up and speak out.. This is America at it's best, reminds me of the perceptions, and hope it inspired in me, as akid growing up in Australia during the Vienam War in the '60's
Ciaron (50)

Footage from the January 17th. siege of Quantico - Free Bradley Manning! and End the War!

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