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Solidarity attack

Dark Night | 17.01.2011 17:58

Barclays Bank gets early morning visit

Barclays Bank, Dulwich, London got a visit early this morning just after midnight - a gift - can of petrol - left at the entrance - in flames - a small attack on the banking system - in solidarity to the Greek comrades in court today 19 January for the start of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire trial.
midnight express

Dark Night


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end of the banks

17.01.2011 21:00

we can now assume that the banking system will grind to a halt in the morning viva la revolution

any colour you like

nice one! but watch out for CCTV, folks

18.01.2011 09:16

Nice to see the banks being attacked. Watch out for CCTV though folks if you are doing this kind of thing, even far away from your target.Stay safe!